Mobile Structures

Circus Tents

Mobile Structures has been set up as a dedicated circus tent company to provide tension structures and circus tent big tops, many of which are amongst the largest in the world. These structures have been used in thousands of installations across the world, at events such as music festivals, religious events and ceremonies, sports events and cultural festivals.

Circus Tents from mobile Structures provide the perfect, and most impressive looking environment for you to fill with your own event in the way that you choose. For complete stadiums and circus tents please call us on 01427 838746 to discuss your requirements for Circus Tents and Circus Marquees.

Tent Size Area (m2) Capacity Colour Poles
34m Round 908 1816 Red/Blue 4
36m Round 908 1816 Blue/Yellow 4
37m Round 1075 2150 Blue 4
38m Round 1150 2300 Blue 4